Valorant :Best Agents in Valorant

Valorant is a game which requires teamwork as well as coordination. So, we have picked five best agents in valorant, which will hopefully provide maximum value to any teams. You can download valorant from Riot’s official website.


Sage valorant agent

Firstly in our list is Sage that is foremost one of the most used agent. Sage ability to hold the line of sight with its Barrier orb & Slow orbs, which can cause some serious trouble to the enemy team. Moreover, its ability to revive fallen teammate is a game-changer.

Sage can also heal an ally or itself to full health over a few seconds. Almost every good team must have a sage player. The value she provides to its side can be the difference-maker in any round.

With her slow orb teams can perform many combos like Slow orb along with Brimstone’s molly or Raze grenade. However, there are many more combos that can hold off enemies & can do a certain amount of damage.


Brimstone Valorant agent

Secondly in our list is Brimstone. He is, without a doubt, the most balanced agent who is an excellent blend of attack and defence. Brimstone can adapt its playstyle according to any situation. Further, his stim beacon can create a field that grants players rapid-fire.

Moreover, brimstone can setup all the smokes and Incendiary lineups. Therefore, it will cut off enemy team vision on those particular angles. Incendiary can be used to clear off choke points where enemy likely to hold corners.

The most effective ultimate of brimstone is Orbital strike which is perfect for Post-plant scenarios where he can deal heavy damage-over-time to players in the area. Brimstone”s smoke can also be beneficial for defensive purpose as it will buy time for your team. Overall, brimstone can manage all the setups for his teammates to execute in a specific site.


Cypher Valorant agent

Cypher is one of the best valorant Agent because of its ability to gain information during the whole match. His techs like Cypher cage, Trapwires and spycams make sure of enemy teams rotation and flanks. There are many camera spots in maps where cypher can locate the enemy movements and provide intel to its teammates.

The best part about Cypher is he can single-handedly hold any site with his abilities. He can put trapwires at different positions to deny all the flanks. Cyber cage works as smoke, but we can say a better version of smoke because it can buy time for your teammate’s rotation as it lasts for seven seconds. However, the spycam can gather early intel safely without risking to peek in any angles.

Ultimate ability of cypher can get your team an accessible round as it will reveal all the locations of enemy team players and your team can act accordingly or execute a site where fewer players are holding the place. Lastly, the cypher can also use his ultimate in clutch situations.


Reyna Valorant agent

Reyna sets perfect for the entry fragging role as she got all the firepower in her abilities. But one thing to keep in mind Reyna’s playstyle revolves around getting a kill while she can acquire the soul orb by which either she can heal or becomes intangible during gunfights.

She can use Leer( Flashing ability) to blind nearby, exposing enemies and force 1v1 fights to get your team an advantage.  Devour ability could also be a saviour for Reyna sometimes as it can save her from the immediate risk of dying. Reyna perfectly fits for those players who can initiate gunfights and have a crisp aim. She can be a nightmare to enemies if used correctly.

The Ultimate Empress which gives her a massive advantage over enemies. Reyna can Single-handedly clutch in any situations because of automatic healing, increase fire-rate of guns and going invisible for a short duration. She’s indeed one of the best duelists in this game right now.

5. Sova

Sova valorant agent

Lastly but not least, the initiator Sova who can be very useful for his team by revealing locations of enemies. He is so good in spotting enemies even in tight corners too. He is perfectly balanced as he also has some aggressive abilities which can give massive value if used properly.

Sova’s recon drone and bow can mark enemies locations. With his shock dart, it damages a small area with a certain amount of damage. His ultimate is one hell of a game-changer as it can stop fast pushes or kill enemies through objects. Sova perfectly sets up with any kind of team as his playstyle can adapt to any situation.

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